Having fun helping my friends and family plan their travel. I'm specializing in Cruises, New York City, Alaska, Arts and Culture Travel, and Group Tours, but I'm able to help you with your travel plans no matter where you are going or how you plan to get there. It's like having a personal assistant handle all of the details for you and a best friend to chat with about the fun parts of dreaming about your next adventure.



Growing up in Florida, the vacation capital of the world, I've experienced Disney World in my backyard, Cruise Ports within 2 hours drive, and some of the best beaches the United States has to offer. Vacationing is just something you do here. It's a part of everyday life.

As the former Executive Director of the Leesburg Center for the Arts, my time was spent diving deep into the arts and culture that makes this world such a spectacular place. Throw in event planning and group management, and a second career was born! Planning interesting and meaningful travel for my friends and family became my passion.

So here I am, having the time of my life dreaming new dreams and working to make them a reality. I've spent countless hours becoming educated, certified and experiencing as much as possible first hand. I love meeting with suppliers to find out what's new in the travel industry. Even more, I love meeting with friends and family to help them dream their dreams and make them a reality. 

My affiliation with Pat and Candy Shoelen at Two by Two Travel and Cruise Planners gives me access to some of the best pricing and availability, cutting edge booking and planning tools, and great perks for all of my clients.

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